Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Father's day with family. Simone and Cullen slept until 6 am (late for the little Swanson early birds). We had a great day of fun in the sun and family time.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

baby phone?!

Whenever we ask Cullen what his sister's name is, he replies "baby phone". I guess phone does rhyme with Simone! Cullen adores his baby sister and often asks to hold her. He gets tired of holding her about 5.2 seconds after she is placed in his lap, but at least he likes her.

We took our first trip to MPLS this weekend to meet some of the LaVigne/Moore relatives. On the way up, Simone made it about 30 miles outside of Minneapolis before she let us know that she was hungry. Her tummy is still so little and she can't make it too long without stopping to eat. However, she did make it the whole ride home without eating, but Dirk and I won't be winning any "Parent of the Year" awards. We smelled something amiss right outside of MPLS, but both kids were sound asleep so we just kept the car moving. Then, about 25 minutes from home, Simone let out a cry. I crawled into the back seat to see if she was alright and learned that she had a major explosion in her diaper. Because we were so close to home, we just kept going. Our sweet little girl stewed in her poo for almost the whole trip. Dirk and I felt so horrible. At least she won't remember this tragic experience. I hope...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Babies and Boats

Summer is here. Cullen embarked on the first boat ride of the year, while Simone opted to stay home for some alone time with Dad. Baby Simone is growing - she weighed in 6 lbs. 7 oz. at her 2 week appointment. Our weekend consisted of babies and boats - what more could you ask for?!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At home with baby Simone.

We are coming into our new "normal" as a family of four. Simone is a great baby and really just eats and sleeps - oh and she poops a lot too! Cullen is a busy 2-year-old and requires a lot of energy. He tries to help hold the baby, but mainly he just does his own thing. We're learning to manage two kids at different stages. In this last whirlwind week, Dirk and I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Wow how time flies when you are having fun!