Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day and Dane's Baptism

We were lucky enough to celebrate the great dads in our family and sweet Dane's baptism this Sunday.  Cullen and Simone had a blast playing with their cousins and then we came home a relaxing evening at home.   All that Dirk wanted was some peace and quiet so that he could watch the US Open golf championship - and we obliged!

Go Daddy Go!

We watched Dirk compete in his second sprint distance triathlon.  He did great - improved his time from last year and ranked 18th overall.  We hosted a spaghetti dinner at our house the evening before for the 4 neighborhood guys that competed.  After an fun-filled evening running through the backyard, the kids probably exerted as much energy as their dads did in the official event.

Enjoy the video of Cullen and Simone cheering on their hero.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The start of summer.

Summer is finally here.  And with the change of seasons, we've been busy:

- exploring wildlife (like the turtle who showed up outside our front door)
- attending bbq parties with friends
- shooting squirt guns
- contracting pink eye (which also turned into a double ear infection for Ms. Simone)
- swimming
- building sandcastles
- fishing

We intend to make the most of our favorite and all-too-short season!