Monday, November 10, 2014

BGC flag football 2014

Now into his second year of flag football, Cullen was the seasoned veteran. He was still fast as lightning but this year seemed to have a better grasp of the rules, the lineups, the positions and the plays.  In fact, the coaches even threw a few passes - and he actually caught a few!  Not only does Cullen have mad athletic ability, but he's also a great team player.  We stressed the importance of being a good sport, congratulating the opposing team and celebrating a good play with your fellow players.  He plays his heart out every play and always wears a smile.  There's nothing better than watching little kids run around the football field after a stressful day at work.

LaVigne's Unite for Joe and Kelly

The nuptuals of Joe and Kelly brought all of the crazy LaVigne's together again.  The perfect day for the perfect couple.  It was an awesome party!  Congrats Joe and Kelly!

Monday, November 3, 2014

high cliff park: part II

Cullen, Simone and I decided that we needed to take Dirk back to High Cliff Park in Galesville.  Here's our hike:  part II.

northside rules

In La Crosse, there's a big rivalry between the northside and southside.  The feelings run deep.  The Swanson family has a strong, proud legacy as northsiders. In my opinion, the 2 bet things about the northside are:  Nakomis Ave and the Octoberfest Torchlight Parade.

We currently reside on Nakomis Ave - the same street that Dirk grew up on.  This street also is home to several other second generation families (both parents and children own houses on the street).  It's such a great place to live that everyone seems to come right back.   Our kids are now participating in the same activities that Dirk did as a kid.  On a recent Saturday night, the Swanson, Griffith, Binsfeld and Erickson kids competed in a neighborhood kickball game.  Circle of life.

During La Crosse's world-famous Octoberfest celebration, the best parade is the small-scale torchlight parade.  The parade consists of bands and Festmasters.  That's it.  Short and sweet.  Both paraders and spectators adorn their outfits with glow sticks and jewelery.  Simone likes anything that "glows up" - who doesn't?!

our spitfire

Simone has been very busy with her very own fall activities:  gymnastics, soccer and spectating at her brother's sporting events.  Now a seasoned veteran at gymnastics we often see her practicing sommersaults, table top and the balance beam in our living room.  Simone also thinks its pretty cool that she plays soccer just like her brother and her aunt Brigette.  And while most younger siblings would complain while they are dragged from one game to the next to watch their older brother, Simone loves going along for the ride.  There's always another little brother or sister on the sidelines so she is never at a loss for playmates.  Our little spitfire is full of energy, imagination and affection for her family,