Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"The days are long, but the weeks are short" some wise person once said. Simone turns 6 months this week. She has yet to materialize any teeth, but everything goes into her mouth and she is drooling like a leaky faucet. Simone is a perfectly happy baby. The only time she cries is if she is hungry. Just like Cullen at 6 months, Simone hits a wall by 6:00/6:30 pm and we need to put her down to rest. She has been sleeping through the night for about 2 months, but has her morning time a bit mixed up with daylight savings. She has been cooing for her morning bottle at 4:30 am (ughh!). Cullen is 2 1/2 and so hilarious. He woke up this morning and told me it was "40 o-clock and time to wake up"! He is also quite the stinker at bedtime. Cullen has figured out that if he asks to go potty right after we turn out the light, we have no choice but to let him. Thus, prolonging his wake time. He also has the habit of yelling "I need a band-aid" from his bed. We know he is not injured and this is just another ploy. He will also call when he loses something in his bed "I can't find my blanket anywhere." Cullen LOVES his baby sister and always tries to make her laugh and hold her hand. It has been quite the journey thus far and I know we have many fun times ahead.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Halloween weekend was a blast. We kicked off the festivities carving pumpkins and watching the "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" special on Friday night. However, the highlight of the weekend was a visit from Mason, Brigette and Annie. Cullen was so excited, he asked me if he could wait on the front steps about an hour before the trio was due to arrive. The house felt a bit chaotic with two, wild 2-year-olds running around, but it was so much fun. Simone just sat back and watched the wild boys. We spent some time at the park with Jameson - topped off with ghost-shaped sugar cookies from Aunt Tracy. A good sugar high before nap time never hurt anyone! We decided 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon would be the kick-off to our Trick or Treating (you have to start early and end early with little ones). We met up with Jameson and Tracy + Elly, Anna, Matt and Megan Binsfield. The little ones went up to the first door with a slight push from their moms and dads, but they all said the magic phrase. Followed by the ever-important "Thank you". We made it to almost a dozen houses before the kids were done. Cullen's fun continued as he passed out candy to the other kids that came ringing at our door. We didn't even know most of the them, but Cullen would come running back to report that his "friends" had just stopped by for candy. Dirk and I have almost finished Cullen's stash, the pumpkins have been nibbled by the squirrels and the kids can't wait until next year!