Saturday, March 25, 2017

Little Ballerina

Simone has officially started dance class.  She was signed up for both tap and ballet, but after 3 weeks of putting on the uncomfortable tap shoes, she decided on just ballet.  She's at a great studio that not only teaches dance, but teaches values and life lessons.  The lessons started in September and will end with a season finale dance recital in May.

All dressed up.

So it's kinda hard to take a serious picture when you are super excited for your Christmas program.

Perrot Park Hike

On an unseasonable warm fall day, when the kids were off school, I coerced them into taking a hike with me.  They grumbled and complained during the entire drive to Perrot State Park.  However, when we got there, they raced up the bluff and actually enjoyed themselves.  The views are spectacular and I have vowed to make them hike this bluff with me again next fall.

Simone's First Lost Tooth

When you love your teeth and can't part with the tooth fairy taking them away, you leave a note.

Halloween Rules.

This Halloween, Cullen went for the scary costume.  No more superheros.  He chose the Grim Reaper.  It was the not-so-scary version for his school party.  However, for actual Halloween day, mom did full makeup.  Simone's Halloween attire featured two costumes.  For the school party, Simone rocked the bumblebee and for Halloween, she became Officer Swanson.  Naturally, Dirk was the robber.  Lisa was a little-known character named Eleven from the Netflix show "Stranger Things".  I can't decide if Dirk and I like dressing up more than the kids do!

The highlight of Halloween was being interviewed by channel 19 news during the downtown La Crosse trick or treat event.  It helps when your favorite babysitter is the reporter!


We have a local charity supporting both cancer patients and the La Crosse BGC.  The Glow in the Deak run is in memory of Dirk's old coach, Deak Kroll.  It's a favorite event every year.  Unfortunately, this years 5K run was cancelled due to rising river water in Pettibone park (flood levels).  However, the kids run still went as planned and we had a great time!

BGC Flag Football

Cullen just finished his final season of flag football.  Being the veteran on the team, it was pretty cool to see him take some of the younger kids under his wing.  Cullen has fallen in love with football and his mother is so afraid to enter the tackle stage (maybe he will switch his allegiance to soccer?). Cullen's juke moves and sticky fingers meant helped him score a touchdown or two (or three) every game.  And he is so much fun to watch!

Packer Backers

Lego Creators

It seems that Cullen has traded his Lego obsessions for a Madden mobile game obsession.  Sniff Sniff.  However, it's pretty cool when Cullen and Simone decide to team up to build a Lego city.  Teamwork makes a moms heart melt!