Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last days of Summer.

The Swanson kids had a great summer.  Days were spent playing with the neighbors, Harry and Cal.  Fishing, fort building, biking, hiking, swimming, etc.  One of the last 90 degree days brought the perfect opportunity for a lemonaid stand with Jameson and Quinn.  We also had to say goodbye to our nanny, Abby.  She is still around, but super busy at UWL.  Abby became an honorary member of Team Swanson and we hope to have her back next summer!

Door County Tri

Put it in the books.  I completed my first sprint tri (quite the feat for someone who hasn't taken a swim lesson since the 2nd grade!).  Dirk rocked the 70.3 half-ironman and Cullen creamed the competition in the kids tri.  We had a great time in Door County and the athletic competition made it a memorable one! 

La Crosse Tri Weekend

Simone competed in her first tri and showed the boys how it's done!  All three did great in the La Crosse YMCA races.  The family that tris together sticks together - right?!