Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another season of BGC baseball is in the book.  Cullen had a great year.  He hit a few HRs, made some dazzling plays in the field (including a long line drive in left field) and had an all around good time.  He ended the season being asked to play up on a kid pitch team for their season ending tourney.  During the tourney he even threw on the catchers gear for an inning.  It was great!  Next year it is on to kid pitch full time. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

School's Out For the Summer!


Summer is finally here.  Time for fun late nights (bedtime later than 7:30!), fun with friends and outdoor activities:
- The kids have been spending lots of time in the "fort" at the end of the street.  "Fort" may be an exaggerated description for the wooded lowlands.  Some Crayola paint, a rope tied to a tree and some fallen trees make up a paradise for kids.  The fort is also home to tons of bugs, worms and frogs.  And now our yard is full of various habitats crawling with said creatures!
- Every Mother's Day, Dirk and the kids buy me a strawberry plant.  Not only are the flowers beautiful, but we also love picking the fruits. 
- Cullen and Simone have been introduced to Jenga.  Hours and hours of fun have been had.  We are hoping they are experts by the time they get to college :).
- Summer also means fishing off the dock.  Bob's Bait Shop better keep stocked up on worms!

Jab Punch: Another Belt

Cullen and Simone have advanced belt colors.  Cullen is now a gold belt in the big kids class rank.  Simone is a green belt in the little warriors group.  Both kids were very nervous for testing.  In fact the word testing makes it seem as if it's a pass/fail.  To be honest, only those students who are ready to advance are asked to test.  Therefore, everyone passes.  The kids are required to run into a gym full of spectators and show their stuff in front of the crowd.  Simone said she was mostly nervous for the grand entrance.  Cullen was just plain nervous about it all.  When he arrived, he walked up to one of his instructors and began asking a few questions.  Mr. Meyer assured Cullen that even he gets nervous before testing.  After all of the talk about nerves, both kids did awesome and truly earned their next belts.