Wednesday, September 9, 2015

School's Out For the Summer!


Summer is finally here.  Time for fun late nights (bedtime later than 7:30!), fun with friends and outdoor activities:
- The kids have been spending lots of time in the "fort" at the end of the street.  "Fort" may be an exaggerated description for the wooded lowlands.  Some Crayola paint, a rope tied to a tree and some fallen trees make up a paradise for kids.  The fort is also home to tons of bugs, worms and frogs.  And now our yard is full of various habitats crawling with said creatures!
- Every Mother's Day, Dirk and the kids buy me a strawberry plant.  Not only are the flowers beautiful, but we also love picking the fruits. 
- Cullen and Simone have been introduced to Jenga.  Hours and hours of fun have been had.  We are hoping they are experts by the time they get to college :).
- Summer also means fishing off the dock.  Bob's Bait Shop better keep stocked up on worms!

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