Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Caped Crusaders

Cullen and Simone have recently entered into the Superhero phase.  I am noticing that all kids must go through this.  Two years ago, I bought the kids capes and they never really played with them.  Now, it's the go-to accessory.  Mimi even found Dirk's old Superman sheets and now Cullen is sleeping with them.  I'm not sure what Cullen and Simone's super powers are, but whatever they grow into is sure to be spectacular!

Heidel House

We took an extended weekend get-away to the Heidel House on Green Lake.  It's a cute old resort (think Dirty Dancing) on a beautiful lake.  The best part is that it only required a two hour drive from home which we strategically planned during nap time.  We met our good friends Dennis and Kari Vogel - along with their two kids (Jack (4) and Stella (2)).  Dennis used his persuasive skills to secure adjoining poolside rooms.  This was the perfect set-up as we could let the kids sleep and hang out on the balconies after hours.  As you can see, the weekend consisted of swimming, swimming and more swimming.  The kids loved the pools (indoor and outdoor).  Short of a few meltdowns due to being overtired, the kids did great and even the adults managed to have a little fun.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Bats

Cullen just finished his summer t-ball season.  This wasn't really the grueling bi-weekly game schedule kind of t-ball season.  Cullen played once a week with a group of other 4 - 6 year-olds and a group of college-aged coaches.  It was time spent on drills:  hitting, catching, fielding, running the bases, etc.  All skills that will pay off next year when we starts actual league play.  Cullen is obsessed.  He loves baseball.  In fact, he runs out to the street whenever he sees the neighbor boys warming up in their  yard.  They often include him and throw a few pitches his way.  Simone believes that she should be able to do whatever her brother does and gets mad when we try to have her bat from the tee.  Maybe we have two future ball players in our house.

Faces of Summer

Cullen and Simone really get along.  Dirk and I are both baffled by this phenomenon.  Not that we were enemies with our own siblings, but there seemed to be a much bickering as there was peace.  I would honestly say that these two play well in the sandbox at least 80% of the time.  It's nice for us, because on the weekends they really don't demand the companionship of friends - they are fine just hanging together.  Here are some pics from their recent slip and slide experience.