Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Play

Spring is finally here. Cullen has embarked on whole list of firsts: first time at the park (he hates swings), first time in the grass (he hates the feel of it) and finally outdoor fun without a bulky snowsuit (he loves this!).

Cullen is on the verge of walking he can take 6 - 8 steps himself, but it seems that when he really wants to get somewhere fast he will just drop down to the ground and power crawl. He was a very early crawler at 6 months. He's good at crawling and he knows it. It will only be a few short days before we are reporting that his prefers walking to crawling. Watch out world!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter.

This week:
Cullen spent some quality time with Grandma Liz. We really like having her around and are so thankful that she can come down when we need her. Dirk and I also realized that the early bird specials are not just for old people. When you have a wee little one who needs to eat at 5 pm - you'll find yourself in one of the few occupied tables in a restaurant (along with the AARP members). We went to Edwardo's for pizza - arriving at 4:55 pm. Cullen loved the new environment and was very well behaved. On Friday night, we went to George and Joanie's for dinner. Chris, Jen and Parker Wareham drove down from St. Paul. Cullen loved playing with the beautiful Miss Parker. Saturday brought a visit from the Stohr's. Cullen didn't know which sister was prettier - so he just admired them both. Finally, the Easter bunny arrived on Sunday morning. Cullen loved his basket full of empty plastic eggs - hours of fun! After church and Cullen's morning nap, we enjoyed a great brunch with Dennis, Kari and Jack Vogel. By sunday evening at 6:30 - Cullen was spent. He put his head on my shoulder as if to say - I am done. It was early to bed for our busy little boy.