Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Play

Spring is finally here. Cullen has embarked on whole list of firsts: first time at the park (he hates swings), first time in the grass (he hates the feel of it) and finally outdoor fun without a bulky snowsuit (he loves this!).

Cullen is on the verge of walking he can take 6 - 8 steps himself, but it seems that when he really wants to get somewhere fast he will just drop down to the ground and power crawl. He was a very early crawler at 6 months. He's good at crawling and he knows it. It will only be a few short days before we are reporting that his prefers walking to crawling. Watch out world!

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Bundlewarmer said...

It was awesome seeing you at Chrissy's shower, Lisa! Can't wait until the party continues at the wedding. Cullen is so sweet!