Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cullen and Simone

Life moves pretty fast.  Once in awhile, I try to take a pause and enjoy the moment  This particular moment was pretty awesome.  This is Cullen and Simone.  This is Simone and Cullen.  Our children at their finest.

Snow Sports

I have been asked by friends, family and acquaintances from warmer climates "Why do you live in Wisconsin?  How can you stand the long winter?".  I often tell them that winter sports is what makes the cold season bearable.  Skiing, skating, building snowmen and snowshoeing are some of the Swanson family favorites.  To be honest, we love winter and get bummed out when our local hill - Mount LaCrosse - closes for the season.  For living outside of the "state of hockey", I am also bound and determined to make skaters out of my kids.  Because after all, winter sports = winter fun.

Great Woof Lodge

Thank you Coca-Cola.  Thank you Tracy Clark!  Dirk's sister, Tracy, works in sales for Coca-Cola.  One of her clients is Great Wolf Lodge.: the wonderful resort filled with water parks, arcade games, dance parties and children's entertainment.  We were lucky enough to be the beneficiaries of a free nights stay in WI Dells with the Clark family.  We all had an awesome time.  Simone and Quinn loved the water slides.  Jameson loved the wave pool.  Cullen loved the ropes course.  And.... the adults managed to try out the crazy tornado slide.  We thought we might parish as the tube flew around the cylinder - and for 2 minutes - we all became kids again!

The kids had an awesome time.  Simone has affectionately called the fabulous resort "Great Woof Lodge".  I think the name should stick.


Cullen is simply crazy about basketball.  He's crazy about the Golden State Warriors.  He's crazy about Steph Curry.

Cullen embarked on his second season of BGC basketball.  His team wore yellow jerseys.  They were appropriately named the Golden State Warriors.  After Cullen received his jersey - aka t-shirt.  He asked if I could write #30 on the back.  After I markered the number, I asked if I should write Curry?  He responded "No, just write Swanie".

No half court shots were made, but the he made a few from outside the paint.  Cullen's ball handling skills improved and he wore a smile bigger than Curry's!

Friday, March 4, 2016

LaVigne Christmas Fun

The LaVigne Christmas celebration was a great time.  The kids made a pretty good haul!  Grandma and Grandpa knew what each child loved.  Too much wrapping paper, great food, a few cocktails and some pretty rotten jellybeans!  We played a game where the "winner" of each spin has to take a specified color of jellybean.  The jellybean will either be the featured flavor:  peach buttered popcorn, berry, etc.  or the horrible flavor:  grass clippings, barf, dirty socks etc.  The makers of the game had an uncanny ability to actually match the flavors to the descriptions - for better or for worse!

Swanson Family Christmas

Dirk and I hosted the Swanson Family Christmas this year.  MaryAnne had just had shoulder surgery and we were happy to take on the duties.  With too many of us to sit at one table, we utilized a card table for the quintessential "kids table".  Complete with crown Christmas "poppers", Dirk's Green Egg and Ham was a hit!  However, timing the Christmas meal posed a bit of a challenge and forced us to leave mass 15 minutes early - Oops!  Mimi and Bobby hit the ball out of the park with kindle fire tablets for the kids.  The volume in our house went from high to virtually silent after the gifts were opened!

Winter Fun with Friends

This winter season brought all sorts or fun and adventure.  Our third grade neighbor, Greta, organized a Nakomis Christmas Carolling Event.  Over 20 kids and just as many grown-ups went out and sang for various houses.  As you can imagine, some voices were better than others.  Cullen and the boys had to learn that this was not a race, nor was it like trick or treating.  The carolling works best when the whole group stick together!

Lots of get-togethers with fun friends made our Christmas break fly by!  We met Andy, Sarah and Emma Reuter down at the Rotary Lights and took a horse and carriage ride.  Oh what fun!The kids had a blast at our children's museum playdate.  The Clarks hosted a friends brunch on Christmas Eve with with Reuters, Nordeens and Dickinsons.  It's quite the motley crew!