Friday, March 4, 2016

Winter Fun with Friends

This winter season brought all sorts or fun and adventure.  Our third grade neighbor, Greta, organized a Nakomis Christmas Carolling Event.  Over 20 kids and just as many grown-ups went out and sang for various houses.  As you can imagine, some voices were better than others.  Cullen and the boys had to learn that this was not a race, nor was it like trick or treating.  The carolling works best when the whole group stick together!

Lots of get-togethers with fun friends made our Christmas break fly by!  We met Andy, Sarah and Emma Reuter down at the Rotary Lights and took a horse and carriage ride.  Oh what fun!The kids had a blast at our children's museum playdate.  The Clarks hosted a friends brunch on Christmas Eve with with Reuters, Nordeens and Dickinsons.  It's quite the motley crew!

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