Thursday, June 12, 2014

6326 3rd Ave. S.

My parents have closed the door to the 38 years at 6326 3rd Ave. South.  Now onto new adventures, new memories and a new house!

a tiny turtle

soccer and soccer.

Cullen and Simone each completed their spring soccer seasons.  Simone played parent/child soccer through the Y.  It was set up as drills and playtime.  She was a great listener and loved her coaches.  Simone also enjoyed practicing her skills in the backyard with her brother.

Cullen joined the Coulee Region Soccer Association (CRUSA).  This league is coached through the TetraBrazil program - his coaches were actually here with work visas straight from the home of the World Cup!  The season ended with a Friday night tournament.  He played four games back-to-back.  For the first game, only Cullen and two other kids showed up.  The awesome threesome played their hearts out and actually won the game.  Then the reinforcements showed up (some of the younger kids who would rather pick dandelions than kick the ball).  At this point, you could hear coach Elton yell "Dribble Cullen", "Pass the ball to Cullen", "Shoot Cullen", "Score Cullen"!  I'm not actually sure if his team won any games after the first one, but our little man played his heart out.