Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Half Birthday

Well, Cullen has hit the six-month-old mark. It's just crazy that the little man has been with us that long. It seems like yesterday that Lisa awoke me with the announcement that her water had broken. Looking back, we've been through quite a bit in the last six months. From minor surgery for Cullen, to the birth of our nephew Mason, to the news that Tracy and Jason will be joining us on this crazy trip that is parenthood. Cullen is doing great. It's been amazing watching him develop from the little bird that just ate and pooped to this little guy who loves to babble, smile and roll around. He has such a great personality. This past week, he faced a horrible diaper rash, so bad that my butt was sore, yet he continued to smile and laugh as though nothing were wrong. Many early mornings, we wake up to the sound of Cullen cooing, babbling and laughing in his crib - never crying. We're excited for the road ahead and watching Cullen continue to develop.

It's been a great summer and it is hard to believe that we are moving back into the autumn of year. With that, though, comes football season and Cullen is extremely pumped that both the Badgers and Packers have started their seasons undefeated.

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