Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall is here

And with the autumn season comes two of our favorite activities: Oktoberfest and Badger football games. Dirk and I were able to enjoy some adult time at the torchlight parade - followed by a party at the north-side fest grounds. Tracy and Jason headed up to WI so that J could experience his first Big 10 football game. Cullen and Camp stayed behind with Grandma and Grandpa Swanson. Jason's an LSU fan, so Dirk and Tracy thought it was important to show him a real football game! Unfortunately, it was "the day the music died". The crazy UW band kids got suspended for questionable hazing activities. Maybe that movie "American Pie" wasn't really that far off base!

As for Mr. Cullen, he's doing great. He's changing so much every week. He doesn't yet crawl forward, but he can still maneuver his way across the room with a series of rolls, lunges and turns. It's really an amazing sight (video to come...). Cullen always has a ton of fun spending time with his cousins. As you can see, the parents love making their babies pose for corny pics. He also loves his "big boy" high chair. We can't figure out if the feeders (i.e. mom and dad) are unskilled or if Cullen really is a messy boy.

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