Sunday, March 15, 2009

52 Weeks of Cullen

Wow! Well we are a year in. It has been unreal watching our son grow right before our eyes. From birth, to minor surgery, to backward crawling, to forward crawling, to da da dit dit, to standing tall, it has been an amazing ride. This past year has been filled with laughs and love, as we have watched this little man giggle his way through his first year of life. As Cullen has grown and learned the essential aspects of life, Lis and I have also picked up on a few lessons of our own, such as:
* Crisis management- There is nothing like trying to tackle a blowout diaper at 3 a.m.
* Teamwork- Working together as one person works on the bath, while the other cleans up the puke off the floor.
*The value of a good night sleep...need I say more.
*Stress relief- How a horrible day can be wiped out, by just walking in the house and seeing Cullen splash a huge grin and power crawl over to you.

Year One is in the books, enjoy a look at 52 Weeks of Cullen.

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