Sunday, July 11, 2010

River Rats

Life on the river has changed a bit for Dirk and Lisa. A typical summer weekend used to consist of boating, wakeboarding, drinking and tanning. Now we just gaze happily at the river as we sit on shore. Cullen loves being outside. In fact, he refers to our beach as his "sandbox". He continues to demonstrate his passion for sports - anything with a ball: golf, basketball, soccer, baseball - he loves it all! I truly believe Cullen has Grandpa Mark to thank for his stellar athletic genes. He already has great shooting form with the basketball and shouts "homerun" after a big hit off the t-ball tee. Cullen keeps telling us to watch his "big muscles" as he shoots the ball. And Simone seems to sleep quite peacefully with the breeze coming off the river.

This Saturday we painted our fence with Bob and MaryAnne. A big thank you to them for the labor! We all took turns watching the little ones. Life on the river goes on...

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