Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kids at Play

Here's a few pics depicting a "day in the life". Cullen and Simone both sit at the table to eat breakfast. Cullen has a breakfast bar, fruit and milk, while Simone munches on Cheerios. Sometimes Cullen insists on bringing a "friend" to the table - note the toy frog. A special thanks to Jess for the pink tutu. It was just the perfect outfit dress-up play. Cullen told Simone that she looked nice in her "princess dress." Finally, more snow. Cullen and Dirk played out side for over an hour, but Simone and I were back in the house after 10 minutes. Cullen loves helping Dirk shovel and we're hoping this (along with mowing the lawn) continues to fall on his list of favorite activities when he is 16.

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