Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simone @ 9 Months.

Simone has hit the nine month mark and with that comes some new milestones:
- Simone is now crawling. Officially crawling. Not just rolling over and lunging. We have had to keep an eye on her as she now makes a bee-line for the dog-food dish (or whatever is inappropriate for a baby to play with/eat). And with crawling comes a few bumps and bruises. It's just a part of the phase.
- Simone's top 2 front teeth have poked through. The new teeth have come in handy with her experimenting palate. She loves to try new foods: avocado, blueberries, strawberries, fried rice, banana bread, pickles, pancakes, sausage and green beans to name a few. If you are willing to share, Simone is willing to try it!
- Dirk and Cullen worked together to lower her crib. Her new mobility had us concerned and we knew she needed a high gate to keep her safe at night.
- Simone has been busy playing with her friends. She recently spent time with Emma Reuter and Stella Vogel. She and Emma made each other laugh. Emma kept laughing and screaming as if Simone was the most hilarious person she had ever met. And Simone seemed quite jealous of Stella's hair. I guess when you have none, it's easy to envy someone else!
- Simone loves shoes. (Watch out Kick, here we come!) She is constantly crawling toward the door to find them. But it's not so sanitary when she puts them in her mouth. We have now taken to putting all shoes away in the closet.
- Simone continues to be a laid-back happy baby. She's an absolute joy to be around! We all adore her - especially her big brother!

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