Monday, April 25, 2011

Kiddie Riders.

We took in a morning of amusement park fun with Brigette and Mason at the Mall of America.  Cullen loved seeing has favorite cartoon characters:  Dora, Diego, and Blue.  The first ride that Cullen and Dirk went on was a little scary for Mr. Cullen.  I think he cried the entire time, while Dirk had a smile on his face.  Swiper's Car went a bit too fast around the corners!  But once we got to Blue, Cullen was much more at ease and actually enjoyed himself.  The fun continued on trains, big rigs and merry-go-rounds.  Dirk had the brilliant idea to put $1 in a little dime-store, 3-seat merry-go-round and Cullen, Mason and even Simone all got in on the action.  Cullen told us this was his favorite ride.  Funny how that works!  The simple rides are still the best. 

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