Thursday, August 18, 2011

There's nothing better than the Sweet Shop.

There's an adorable little ice cream shop about a mile from our house called the Sweet Shop.  Cullen is a big fan of their Blue Moon ice cream.  I tend to go for chocolate chip.  Dirk prefers a chocolate/banana malt.  And Simone, she just takes bites from everyone else!  To make ourselves feel better about the treat, Dirk and I will bike or run there with the kids.  At least we get a workout before and after stuffing our faces with ice cream.  On the way home tonight, Cullen got out of the buggy a few houses away because also wanted to run.  Unfortunately, his shorts were too baggy and kept falling down.  So he just took off his shorts and finished the run in his polo shirt and underwear (always a good look!). 

We had a fun visit last weekend with our neighbors, Justin and Lindsay Pretasky.  Justin (who Cullen refers to as "Big Cracker") introduced Cullen to his first He-Man cartoon.  Now Cullen has been running around yelling "I have the power!"  Simone thought their house was pretty cool and loved looking at all of the dead animals on the wall (also referred to as taxidermy). 

We have been reminded lately that kids say the darndest things.  There's a new song by Adele titled "Rumor has it".  For some reason, Cullen hasn't been able to make out the phrase "rumor has it", so instead he sings "Goo-ga-heady".  It's hilarious to hear him in the back seat belting out this nonsense word.  Brigette and I used to do the same thing when we were little and didn't understand all of the words - so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Simone has been trying to expand her vocabulary.  It's sometimes hard to make out what she is saying, but puppy, baby, cup and di-down (sit down) are some of her new words.  She is also mastering sign language (please, more and all done). 

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