Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodnight cookie-cookie-banana-pants!

Goodnight cookie-cookie-banana-pants is how Cullen signed off tonight.  He is in a silly stage and loves making up crazy words and rhymes that sound funny.  It's such a sweet and innocent time, some days I want to trap him at this age forever.  Other days, not some much - like when we have to negotiate which shoes he is going to wear for 10 minutes when we are already running late in the morning.  The other day, a little girl at school told Cullen that he was her boyfriend.  Not really understanding the true definition of the word, he corrected her and told her that he couldn't be her boyfriend because he was already "daddy's buddy".  Cullen also started in a new classroom at school:  the 3-year-old room with Miss Jenny and Miss Rachel.  This year the focus is on independent activities, basic learning (numbers, letters, colors, etc.) and continuing to develop social skills.  So far, his favorite activities have been cutting paper with the safety scissors, swim lessons and feeding the classroom's pet fish.

Simone continues to amaze us with how much she actually understands.  I can tell her it's bath time, and she will run right for the tub.  She has also become a little gopher (no pun intended!) and will fetch certain items at our request.  When we were up at Big Fish Lake, Grandma Liz asked Simone to pick up her glasses.  Overhearing the conversation, Mason ran over to the glasses, picked them up and handed them to her.  Then, he told Grandma Liz that "Simone doesn't speak English".  While this is partly true, she sure does understand a lot and is learning more and more English vocabulary each week.  Simone is now proficient at "quacking" whenever she sees a duck.  When we pick her up from school, she greets us with a big grin, puts her arms up and after we scoop her up, she turns to her teachers and friends and says "Ba-Bye" (translation:  I'm outta here!).  Last weekend, I put Simone's hair in pig-tails.  It was a mullet looking hairdo (bald on top and party in the back), but it really was cute. 

Finally, we had a much needed parents' night out with the Swanson clan to celebrate Bob and Mimi's anniversary.  It was nice to sit around and chat without the distraction of our crazy little rugrats!

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