Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We call is soccer.  Other countries call it futball.   Whichever word you choose - it's a fun sport!  We signed Cullen up for YMCA youth/parent soccer.  Just like his t-ball experience, it wasn't really a team - there were no official soccer games played.  The kids worked with two coaches who led us through fun games and drills.  Cullen learned to dribble, pass, shoot and score.  He loved running around the soccer field with his buddy Parks.  The most important rule was remembering "no hands".  And the coaches did a great job of mixing games like Freeze Tag and "What Time Is It Mr. Fox?" in with the learning drills.

The program not only teaches sports, but also the YMCA's core values:  respect, honesty, responsibility and caring.  At the end of every drill, the coaches will spend 5 minutes talking about the importance of the key values.  When Coach Sam asked the kids to give an example of what "caring" means, Cullen piped in and told her "don't carry the ball with your hands."  He was right, but not quite....


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