Monday, November 28, 2011

Lots of Turkey and Lots of LaVignes

We celebrated Thanksgiving weekend with the LaVigne clan.  Liz and Mark hosted 40 at their house and that includes 7 kids ages 3 years-old and under (Cullen 3, Mason 3, Sylvie 3, Simone 1, James 1, Rosie 6 weeks and Dane 3 weeks).  To allow my mom and dad a little peace and quiet for the big preparations, we stayed downtown Minneapolis at the Millenium Hotel on Wednesday night.  The kids loved the view from the 10th floor and the pool on the first floor.  Then, Thanksgiving day was full of the usual, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, the famous Angry Trout wild rice and pumpkin pie.  The main event on Friday was a LaVigne kickball game.  Even the littlest ones (Cullen, Mason and Simone) were on the field.  Then everyone headed back to Mark and Liz's for some dinner:  take out pizza and Indian food (ask Mark and Mike about Naan bread). 

Mary Quirk, who is always so poignant with words, said that the best part of being a LaVigne is that everyone matters.  A whole room of family will stop to honor even the youngest child's accomplishment.  We have a lot of differences in the group:  republicans, democrats, sport stars, academic geniuses, gray hairs, red hairs, brown hairs and dreads.  Being a LaVigne is what we have in common and we are all very proud of that!

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