Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Mtn is Pure Snow

The snow has arrived and we are making the most of it.  On Saturday afternoon,  Cullen and Dad ventured out to Mt La Crosse for a ski lesson...Cullen, not Dad.  Although, Dad could probably use a lesson, as he is pretty rusty.  It was a productive night that ended with Cullen making his first trip up the chair lift.  The smile that was on his face can't be described.  It was just great.  We made two runs and then Cullen informed me that he had to go potty.  This seemed like an appropriate time to call it a night.  Unfortunately, there are is no pictorial evidence of our night.  Dad doesn't have a camera attached to his hip like Mom. 

On Sunday, the family headed over to Mt Binsfeld for some sledding.  It is a small hill in our neighbors backyard.  It is the perfect size for a 3yr old and a 18mth old.  Thats right, little Simone got in on the action also.  Lisa and I took turns riding down with our little girl, although Lisa did the brunt  of the sledding, while I monitored (aka drank beer) with the proprietor of Mt Binsfeld.  The rides I took with Simone were priceless.  As soon as we would get moving, this little voice would go "whheee".  That would continue until the sled stopped at which point Simone would turn and say "again, again" and back to the top we went.  It was just classic.

The snow looks as if it is now here for the rest of winter and so we are looking forward to many more of these adventures.  

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