Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sporties for Shorties.

As you know, Cullen is quite the sports fanatic.  Simone is interested in whatever her older brother is doing - so we are not sure if she actually holds the same passion or is just playing copy-cat.

Cullen just finished the parent/child basketball at our local Y.  The program consisted of drills focusing on shooting, dribbling and passing.  His best buddy, Jack, also attended.  Luckily they lowered some of the hoops so that his shots would go in.  But in all seriousness, he is really good.  He shoots with the correct form (one hand, elbow bent, other hand bracing the ball) - which is pretty remarkable for his age.

Dirk likes to practice his golf swing in the backyard and the kids often join him with their pint-sized clubs.  It's adorable to see the three of them out there enjoying the same activity.  If Grandpa Mark has any say, Simone will be groomed to be the next LPGA great.  He says the sport is growing and there aren't many superstar American women on the tour.   We'll see if she really likes the sport in the years to come!

Cullen also participated in the Hippity Hoppity Easter race at the Y.  3 and 4-year-olds completed a 25 yard dash across the field.  It was a little disorganized (think herding cats), but Cullen still had fun running through the finish line with the rest of the shorties.

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