Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A day in the life.....

So here are a few random shots / stories about what life is like in the Swanson house:

- Cullen and Simone love cardboard boxes.  Could there be a better toy?  One night, Dirk took out the garbage and they noticed that we were getting rid of a large cardboard box.  As a boycott, the two munchkins ran outside and sat in the box until we told them they could bring it into the house.  It is currently still sitting in my living room and I may try to sneak it out again on the next garbage pick up.
- Simone enjoys playing dress up and many times brings her "stuff" out to see how it looks on Dirk.
- Simone is also fond of sharing her food.  Often trying to feed us bites - "You try some?"
- The other night, Tracy gave us a package of glow sticks with the instructions to use at bath time.  Now this is a concept we had never thought of:  the bathtub rave.  Cheap thrills - highly recommended for all of you parents out there!
- Cullen has a new fascination with being a rock star.  We have promised him that someday (when he is older) he can take guitar lessons.  Until then, he just "jams".
- Cullen and Dirk recently went to Camp Randall to cheer on Bucky.  They took Tracy and Parks Tobin and the boys all had a blast.  The little ones lasted until half time and then proceeded to sleep the entire two hour drive home.
- Simone and Lisa had a girls day - a visit to the library, the park and the co-op for lunch.

We are busy and life moves fast, but all is well!

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