Saturday, December 8, 2012

Super Swansons

As I have previously mentioned, Cullen and Simone are into a Superhero phase.  Cullen picked a Superman costume for Halloween and naturally, Simone is interested in being just like her brother.  We created a Supergirl persona for a little lady.  I even purchased token Superman t-shirts for Dirk and me (yes, really dorky).  We started the Halloween festivities with a walk through Myrick Park where kids could trick-or-treat in the daylight.  On Halloween night, we joined our neighbors the Griffiths and formed a superhero posse:  Superman, Supergirl, Ironman, Captain America and Wonderwoman.  Simone and Calvin tried to keep up with their older siblings, but after 4th house, they both opted to stay in the wagon and consume their goodies.  We made it to about 15 houses before darkness fell, the cold set in and a few tears were shed.  At that point, the warmth of our house and the thrill of passing our candy was a welcome end to the evening.

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