Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Hijinx.

January seems to have come and gone.  We've gotten into a winter rhythm:  work, school and play.  Work and school are dull.  It's the playtime that brings the good stories.  Cullen is loving karate and is very into his Beyblades.  For those who are not familiar, Beyblades are sophisticated spinning tops that battle to see who can spin longest in the stadium.  Every Friday, Cullen is allowed to bring a "home toy" to share with his classmates.  Every little boy in his 4k class brings in their Beyblades - and the boys resemble a bunch of old man shooting dice at the park.   Simone is having a blast in her Music Together class.  Whenever we are in the car, she insists that we listen to her music class CD so she can sing along.  Our little girl is also into dressing up:  boots, jewelery, hats, etc.  Thankfully, the kids also have a blast playing together.  It makes for cheap entertainment on cold winter days and very happy parents!

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