Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tiny Dancer.

Simone recently attended her first non-family birthday party.  Sisters Alivia and Sofia Dickinson turned 5 and 3 this August and hosted a party at a local dance studio.  All attendees were welcomed to the party with a pink tutu (courtesy or Shonda).  The birthday group spent the first half of the party with a dance instructor learning a little number and then took a break for presents, cake and ice cream. Simone was hilarious.  Her energy level was extra high - due to a missed nap opportunity and the overall birthday excitement.  At the end of the party, when the little girls preformed their dance number for the parents, Simone seemed more into scooting across the floor on her belly (perhaps a genetic predisposition for the worm?).  At any rate, the party was a memorable one and Simone had a blast!

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