Sunday, November 3, 2013

Little Spitfire.

Simone has been busy with gymnastics, swimming (lessons through daycare at the Y) and soccer.  She was hit and miss with her love of soccer - sometimes preferring to pick up the orange cones and use them as hats instead of goal lines.  Gymnastics seemed to be more of a fit - what toddler doesn't like climbing, tumbling, jumping, etc. For some reason, there was only one other little one in Simone's gymnastics class so she hardly ever had to wait for the teacher for help in the various activities.

However, it seems that Simone's real love may be in the performing arts.  She is constantly singing - mostly made up songs and playing dress-up.  She also likes to give "concerts" to her family.  These concerts consist of watching Simone sing, dance and play various instruments (piano, harmonica, drums and guitar).  Stop by if you are in the neighborhood and I'm sure she will be glad to entertain you!

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