Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ski bums.

The Swanson Family has been putting on a lot of miles at Mount La Crosse this winter.  Not only is it a great, family friendly ski hill, but the St. Bernard room provides an awesome apres ski atmosphere!  Dirk and I both grew up skiing and it's been a special experience teaching our kids how to ski.  In fact, they both love it.  This year, Cullen has been into skiing jumps (a small one at the base of the hill) and the tree paths carved along the edge of the hill.  I have a feeling this kid is going to be a serious dare devil.  Simone loves to ski, but at the start of the season would only do so if we were skiing behind her, holding her under the arms.  After her 6th time out to the hill, I am happy to report that she will now ski 5 yards in front of me on the green Apple Bottom run.  Her progress this year has been amazing.  While they both still need plenty of parental support (especially on the chairlifts!), we don't mind because it gives us a new challenge on the small ski hill.  Our hope is that family ski vacations will become a routine vacation plan in the future.  (Note:  Grandpa Mike:  we may be visiting you to ski Lutsen before you know it!).

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