Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Frozen Fete.

Simone hosted her first "friend" birthday party.  The Disney cartoon Frozen is the hottest thing on the planet.  I am guessing that every little girl from 4 - 14 is singing the songs and playing Anna and Elsa.  Even Cullen loves Olaf the snowman!  I will credit Dirk with the idea to have Queen Elsa visit the party.  But as we contemplated, it had to be someone that Simone didn't already know.  On a whim, I contacted my co-workers daughter, Camille.  She's 19, has a background in performing arts and also loves Frozen.  To top it off, Camille has long blonde hair and actually looks the part!  

8 little girls were invited to the house for a breakfast birthday party:  pancakes, bacon, doughnuts and fruit (the easiest party meal to prepare!).  For the special occasion, I found an Anna costume for Simone to wear and she was pretty pumped. The girls got here and played for about 20 minutes and then, Elsa arrived.  Camille did great!  She entered the backyard and the girls were in awe.....  Elsa then took over the party.  She read a book, played musical chairs and sang songs.  When breakfast was served, she sat with the little ones and answered a million questions:  "What does Olaf the snowman eat at your castle?"  "How did you get here?" "Do you like summer or winter better?"

I have never seen smiles so big on little ones.  These are the years to capture the magic of their  imaginations.  Mission accomplished.

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