Monday, May 2, 2016

Bucky Basketball

The Swanson family embarked on another Madtown adventure.  This time to see the UW men's basketball team.  We drove down to the capital the afternoon leading up to the 5:30 game.  We did some shopping at the UW bookstore and ate burgers at Dotty's Dumpling Dowry.  We timed it all just right and literally got the last open table before the mad rush of basketball fans.  The game was great and Cullen loved cheering for hometown boy Bronson Koenig - complete with his new #24 jersey. Both kids also loved watching the band and student section.  The best part was watching the kids wiggle their fingers in the air as good luck to the players shooting free throws.  Bucky dominated the fighting Illini.   Dirk has further secured Bucky's stronghold on the Swanson kids.  Both Cullen and Simone have professed their desire to go to UW for higher education.

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