Tuesday, August 23, 2016


 Cullen and Simone finished another soccer season with Coulee Region Unite Soccer Association.  They love playing with their buddies, making new friends and singing the "Staying Alive" song with coach Gabe from Brazil.  Cullen ruled the field during his rainy end of season tourney under the friday night lights.  I actually embarked on my first coaching venture with the 4-5 year olds. We played similar aged teams from Tomah and Winona but it felt more like teams from the Premiere Soccer League in Europe.  At the end-of-season tourney, the Winona team scored about 10 goals before my 4-5 year old CRUSA team could blink.  I tried my hardest to keep the kids motivated and keep the game fun.  I finally looked at my squad and said, "if anyone scores a goal, we will all do cartwheels!".  Charlie Nordeen promptly dribbled across the field and scored.  Keeping true to my word, we all did cartwheels.  Not knowing a ton about the actual rules of the game, I think I was able to keep the mood light and the kids engaged.  Both kids say they will be back for more next spring!

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