Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Littlest LaVigne

We made the journey to Minneapolis for a baby shower honoring Dan and Aren (a.k.a. “Daren”). Cullen seemed perplexed when he met the strange man who looked exactly like grandpa, yet wasn’t… Uncle Grandpa? Mike and Kathy are back from Arizona looking tan and they were very excited to meet the newest LaVigne. Cullen was also doted over by Michelle, Chris, Emily, Claire and Molly (and of course Brigette and Annie). He enjoyed being cuddled by everyone – especially Claire and Molly. Chris also informed us that Dirk’s blog is making him look bad – so please enjoy all of the pix of the girls. It doesn’t look like Emily’s pressure is getting their blog produced any sooner! (Sorry Chris!). Cullen is the littlest LaVigne, but not for long… Brigette is due in May and Aren is due in June. He can’t wait to meet his cousins, but for now he’s content soaking up the limelight.

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Unknown said...

Dirk, I really thought you would have learned by now that you really need to minimize Cullen's LaVigne contact. You wouldn't put Cullen in a vat of raw chicken or in a room with rabid bats? It has been proven that LaVigne contact is even more detrimental than exposure to Salmanella or Rabies. The disease process is known as PsychoLaVignitis. Symptoms include, cheating at card, annoying laughing and just not being "in your right mind" (the up side is you can make a mean Manhattan). The CDC recommends limiting contact to 1 to 2 days a year (Lisa is alright, her blood is dilute enough, Bridgett and Annie, Im not so sure).
All kidding aside, I want to congratulate you and Lisa on little Cullen. I am glad his surgery went well. Melissa and I really miss you guys. Hoping maybe a trip up north maybe in order this summer.

Miss you guys

Mike Quirk