Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cabin Fever

Cullen made his first trip up to Wowee’s cabin on Big Fish Lake along with my Mom, Brigette, Mason and Annie. Mason and Cullen were angels. They spent their playtime eating, burping and farting – because that’s what infants are good at. By next year they will be playing on the beach and swimming in the lake. Brigette, Annie and I have great memories of time spent at Big Fish Lake as children. It’s fun to begin introducing Cullen to the things that I enjoyed growing up. I’m realizing that’s the fun part of parenting.

We also met the newest LaVigne: Sylvie. Dan and Aren are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl. Sylvie definitely looks like Dan as a baby. And unfortunately, she also has the LaVigne head – and caused Aren a bit of trouble during delivery! Cullen and Mason are already discussing hazing tactics to initiate her into the LaVigne club.

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