Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Four Months and Counting

Well kids, in case you haven’t noticed and judging by the page hits you haven’t, it’s been a while since our last written update. Summer got a bit of a late start, but it’s been a fun one so far. Cullen turned 4 months on Sunday. It’s hard to believe the little guy has been with us that long. It has been an amazing ride and watching him develop these past weeks has been as rewarding an experience as I have encountered.

This past weekend was pretty action packed. Aunt Tracy visited us from Austin. It was great to see her and she looked fabulous. Her visit wasn’t as wild as those of the past, being that her and Jason are now expecting their first child. There is an ongoing joke in our family that Tracy has always been a step behind her big brother and once again she has proven this to be true. However, Lisa and I couldn’t be more excited that Cullen will have another cousin to grow up with.

The wild part of last weekend came with the visit of Lisa’s college friends, Tony, Katie, their son Wyatt, Derek, Megan, Chrissy and James. The first cold one was cracked at 2pm and the last game of tippy cup ended at 1am. It was a blast, with a grill out and bonfire in-between, and D showing his fishing prowess by landing one ugly ass catfish. Scotty would inform us later that they are the best eating fish in the river. You can take a look at the picture and be the judge of that. Good times had by all and looking forward to the next one.

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