Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The new addition.

We welcomed a new addition to the Swanson side of the family on January 28th: Jameson Austin Clark. Proud parents Tracy and Jason brought a 9 lb. 10 oz. baby into the world. We couldn't be more thrilled and are so excited to meet him. Grandma and Grandpa Swanson spent a few weeks in Texas helping the new parents. Cullen missed them dearly and we are all glad to have them home for awhile.

We decided to embark on a hike in Perrot State Park on an unusually warm Saturday afternoon. The original plan was to rent snowshoes. However, they were all gone when we arrived. We were determined to make the most of the day so we set out on foot. The sun had melted away some of the snow and conditions were quite slick. It made for kind of a treacherous hike. It was a bit nerve wrecking to walk on slushy ice while carrying a baby. But the views were great and the fresh air was fabulous. We bought Cullen a pair of baby-sized sunglasses. He protested at first, but after we reassured him that they were cool - he kept them on. I think he realized that wearing the sunglasses was better than squinting.

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