Thursday, February 19, 2009

Watch out Michael Phelps and I'm not referring to your stash.

For the past few weeks we have been taking Cullen to swim lessons. While Dad has found that he still doesn't have a singing voice (Singing such hits as "Ring around the Rosie" and "Here We Are Together" are an integral part of the class) Cullen has shown that he is quite the natural and seems to love the water. While he doesn't quite have any strokes down, he is comfortable going under the water and has no problem flailing his arms and legs all around. Splashing seems to be his favorite part.

In addition to his love of the water, the little man is also hitting some pretty big milestones. He has recently begun giving kisses. While they are open mouthed and you need to be careful of him locking down on your face, as Mom found out, he still comes right into you when you pucker your lips. He has also began pointing at things and waving hello and good bye. As the saying goes, they grow up fast. It's hard to fathom that Cullen is 11 months old. We just loving waking up in the morning, listening to Cullen blabber...da,da,da, dit, dit, da.... and seeing what the little one has in store for us next.

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