Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tick Toc, Tick Toc

The days are beginning to fly by as we await the arrival of number two...well at least for me, they are moving like molasses for Lisa. As we prepare for our little bundle of joy (we didn't find out at our ultra sound, but my money is on a girl), changes have had to be made in our daily repertoire. Cullen has made the transition to his "big boy" bed and he now awakes each morning by yelling "Hi Baby" at Lisa's belly. He is also convinced that it is a girl and wants to name her...drumroll...Cullen.

Cullen has done pretty well in the new bed. Instead of getting out on his own, he calls "Mom" when we wakes up. Our biggest fear is a two-year-old mischief-maker running through the house at all hours, but so far that hasn't happened. Little does Cullen know that the "big boy" bed is only the beginning of many changes to come....

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