Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Each day I wake up with the curiosity of what is going to come out of Cullen's mouth today. It is an absolute joy listening to his vocabulary grow. It has just exploded in the last few weeks. For example, Saturday morning, he was in bed with Lisa and I. He proceeded to point at our bathroom and instructed me to "get in the shower Do-Do." Yes, if you weren't aware, my son calls me Do-Do. Further testament to how intelligent he is. It usually takes people years to figure that out, Cullen had it down in a fraction of that. In addition to his new found vocabulary he has also developed a few new habits. An aversion to baths for one. It is quite the fun production to get him in the water. After we have him stripped down, he usually bolts out of the bedroom and a game of chase ensues. I imagine the neighbors must get quite the kick out of the little flash of pale skin that speeds past the front door each night at 6:30pm. Eventually, after much giggling he is tracked down and a quick dunking in the tub ensues. He also now demands that he walk along side us on our nightly walks. What used to be long walks with Cullen in the stroller are now two block walks, with Cullen stopping to yell "Big dogs" at the labs next door and telling us "I do, I do, I walk Camp"

Such a great age. An independent streak growing along side a burgeoning vocabulary.

Thirty days until the estimated arrival of the new addition to our family (or sooner). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a bit nervous. I have a feeling that my days of being able to pass the restless child over to Lisa are coming to and end.

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