Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sesame Street Live

I took Cullen to Sesame Street Live on Saturday morning. While not the type of show that I've grown accustomed to during my concert going youth, it was just as good. The smile that erupted on the little guy's face when Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie and friends made their way out from behind the curtain was priceless. Cullen yelled "Hi" to each character as they appeared. He sang, danced and jumped up and down throughout the 90 minute show. On his non concert going days, Cullen spends the majority of his time playing either baseball, basketball, kicking his soccer ball or swinging his golf clubs. Which I am loving. He has picked up on each one quickly. Little Cullen is also growing quite fond of going potty. He is informing us often now of his need to relieve himself. Although, his bladder seems to be the weakest right after we put him to bed. So he has figured out that the potty call will also put off bed time a little longer. Brains and Brawn. What a kid.

Simone is doing fabulous. Its been an amazing three months so far. She is beginning to smile quite a bit more and every time those tiny lips turn upward my heart just melts. She is just precious. She rolled over for the first time two days ago. It is a reminder of just how fast time is flying by. Three months old already. Where does the time go?

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