Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Haze, Summer Daze.

We can't believe how fast this summer is flying by. Dirk and I have managed to have a bit of adult fun - Liz and Scott's wedding, a night in Mad-town and a Jack Johnson concert. Thank God for grandparents who love to spend time with (a.k.a babysit) our kiddos. Cullen continues to amaze us with his conversation skills. The other night, he yelled from his bed "Dodo, my butt hurts. I need some Bee's" (translation: Burt's Bees diaper rash cream). He is also a very sporty little boy - always showing us that he can "jump really high" and "shoot the ball with my big muscles". Simone is just a sweet baby. We are biased, but we think she's the prettiest little girl we have ever seen and truly the best baby. She is starting to smile a lot, but we have had a hard time capturing the said smiles on camera. Simone becomes to intrigued with the camera and stops smiling every time she sees it!

Enjoy the pics. We have had a lot of fun with family and friends lately. Simone and Cullen recently enjoyed a visit with Maggie and Luke Hanson. And I should note that Simone and Luke share a birthday! We also spent time with Magnus and Talla Hansen. And finally, we were introduced to Emma Reuter. Who would have thought that Andrew Reuter would bless this world with an adorable little girl?! I have a bad feeling that Emma and Simone will be getting into trouble together in the years to come....

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