Monday, September 27, 2010


Another Oktoberfest is upon us. After Mom and Dad took part in some adult activities on Saturday, we took Cullen and Simone down to the fest grounds for some games and rides. Unfortunately, Cullen is only 34 inches tall right now, and every ride but the merry-go-round require that he be 36 inches. After an unsuccessful negotiation attempt with Rabbit the Carnie at the bouncy room, we headed over to the merry-go-round. Now we attempted the merry-go-round last year and Cullen was not a big fan. But we figured, hey he's 2.5 now and 34 inches tall, he'll love this. As you can see by the pictures he's not quite into it yet. After the merry go round meltdown we headed to play some games. Cullen decided that he wanted a goldfish. So off we went to visit Cowboy the Carnie. Now it has been quite a while since I played the goldfish game. Essentially, what you do is throw a ping pong ball in a little glass jar. After missing every shot on the first round, I was getting a bit nervous. As my 2.5 yr old, 34 inch, merry-go-round crying son looked up at me I knew I had to focus, failure was not an option. Then on the second shot of my next round of balls, Sharkie (Cullen named him) the goldfish was ours. We headed home, a great first weekend of the fest.
But the story doesn't end there. The next morning I'm taking the kids into daycare. Cullen was singing his new favorite song, "On Wisconsin" as we drove past the fest grounds. All of a sudden he stops singing and informs me that he was a big boy. Curious of what was going through this little guys head, I ask "Oh yeah, why do you say that?" Cullen then informs me that he is a big boy because he went on the rides and points towards the merry-go-round. Chuckling I ask, "Did you like the merry-go-round?" "Yes", he replied and then went back into "On Wisconsin" Classic.

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