Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Wisconsin!

We took Cullen down for his first Badger game on Saturday. Simone stayed home with a her friend Nikki (aka the babysitter). We felt she is still a bit too young to witness the debauchery the surrounds a Badger home game, especially one against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. It was a gorgeous day and Mom was outnumbered as Dad and Cullen were both clad in Red. We started the day off at a tailgate where Cullen made many new friends. From there we headed into the game. Recently Cullen has become quite infatuated with Bucky Badger...(Thank God!). So the majority of the time we spent searching for him. Cullen's eyes lit up every time he spotted Bucky on the sidelines. The action on the field also didn't disappoint. Cullen screamed out "Touchdown" as Wisconsin put their first of many points on the board. As the game moved on, the temperature moved higher. By halftime, the little man was done. We watched the marching band during half which seemed to lift him a bit, but the excitement had wore him out. We carried him out to the car and he fell asleep head on Dad's shoulder. Mom and Dad then listened to the Badgers secure the Axe for the seventh straight year. As we sat at dinner later that night. Lisa and I were asking Cullen questions about his day. Lisa asked him what the Gopher's mascot's name was. Cullen's response..."Goldilocks".....Excellent.

Simone is doing great. Everyday she gets more and more animated. Cullen just adores her and is always giving her hugs and saying "Hi Simone." Mom and Dad just adore her too. Nothing makes my day more than coming home and see her look up at me as a huge smile comes across her face.

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