Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April showers and all around crappy weather better bring May flowers!

Due to horrible weather, we've spent more time indoors than outdoors this spring.  Here's a few stories to catch you up to speed:
                Simone continues to push the bounds of her mobility by getting into things (the wine rack and Camp's dog food to be exact).  She loves pulling herself to standing and then walking around furniture.  I think she is only a few weeks from walking.  Get ready world!  Simone continues to be a good eater.  One of her favorite foods is blueberries.  It has good nutritional value, but also holds the ability to stain a baby's bottom if ingested in large quantities.  I know this because I got a call from daycare checking to see if Simone had a bruise on her bottom or if she had been eating blueberries lately.   She has mastered waving and even says an clearly defined "bah-bye".  On April 19th, Simone went through a minor surgery for tubes in her ears.  After her 4th ear infection this winter, we decided it was time to stop the antibiotics and get tubes.  Dr. Overholt said that Simone had quite a bit of fluid behind her eardrum and was probably uncomfortable.  Simone has been an even happier baby ever since.
                 Cullen continues to amaze us with his vocabulary and knack for coming up with ideas all on his own.   One morning, he looked at me and said "I know what we can do Mommy!  Maybe you, me, Dad and Simone can all go to Old McDonald's for lunch?!"  (aka McDonalds).  Cullen loves reading a nursery rhyme book at bedtime and insists that we sing all of the rhymes.  Dirk and I are constantly making up stupid, off-key melodies to fit the old-fashioned rhymes.  Neither of us holds much talent as a vocalist, but I guess Cullen doesn't know the difference.  Finally, one night Simone was up at 3 am with teething discomfort and Dirk and I decided she might need to cry herself back to sleep.  After about 5 minutes of some very loud crying, we heard a door open and another one shut.  Puzzled, we both got out of bed to find Cullen reaching his hand through the crib, rubbing Simone's back and saying "It's ok Simone."   He is such a loving boy and a very good big brother.  Dirk admitted that he would have just let his sister cry it out.  I guess Cullen could teach his old man a few things! 

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