Monday, May 30, 2011

A party @ Choo Choo Bob's.

We celebrated Mason's 3rd birthday at Choo Choo Bob's last weekend.  It's the kinda place that kids love; but as an adult, it kinda creeped me out! The store is for train enthusiasts - a definition of which Mason fits.  The front of the store is all about model trains for the adult collector (think Peter Pan Syndrome) complete with grown-up men dressed in costumes (weird) and the back of the store is a train play-land for kids.  Mason loved having his favorite cousins and friends together to play trains and eat cake.  What more could you ask for on your 3rd birthday?  Mason, Cullen, Abbie, Sylvie, Simone, James and Ray were all busy with the Thomas-the-Train tracks while the adults hung back and watched.  Mason wasn't too keen on having his picture taken and scolded Brigette when she asked him to pose (note the pictorial evidence).   It was a really fun party - and quite fitting for Conductor Mason.

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