Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TGIS: thank God it's summer.

Summer "officially" kicked off this past weekend.  With the long winter and non-existent spring, we are due for a good summer and Monday didn't disappoint.  We spent the day hanging around a friend's pool with a cast of characters including: George, Joanie, Maddie, Dennis, Kari, Jack, Stella, Joe and Julia.   Both of the kids loved it.  Cullen has always been a water bug and Simone is taking after her brother.   Cullen loved jumping - or "diving" as he called it into the water.  Simone was content hanging in the baby floater trying to drink the pool water. 

Lisa and I are really looking forward to summer and watching the kiddos continue to grow.  Simone is now close to walking and is saying Momma and Dadda fairly easily.  In the last few days she has also began giving kisses.  They are a bit slobbery but I'll take them.

Cullen is getting more independent and daring each day.  He has begun to push the limits on his balance bike.  His new thing is riding down the driveway and into our neighbors yard .  He does this with his feet lifted - totally balancing on his own.  I was amazed the first time I saw him do it.  I was busy talking to someone, when I glanced back towards the house and saw Cullen:  feet in the air, flying down our driveway.  My heart was in my throat as I thought he was going to crash, but no sir.  He safely steered himself until the bike came to a stop in the neighbor's grass.  We'll try to post a video soon - it's hilarious.

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